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ING Bank has been building its credentials as an innovative bank. They wanted their innovative spirit to reflect in everything they do. So, when their brief for art and culture sponsorship came to the table, we decided to bring this forward-thinking approach to this relatively traditional area. 

A 3D printed painting made completely out of data derived from Rembrandt’s total body of work.


Data and technology as the artist.
All of the Great Master’s 346 paintings were analyzed using hi-res 3D scans and digital files upscaled by a deep learning algorithm for maximum resolution.
Facial recognition and machine learning software was designed that could understand Rembrandt’s style and could use those learnings to generate new facial features.

Once the 2D image was complete, a height map was created to mimic the brushstrokes used by Rembrandt. The file was brought to life through an advanced 3D printer that printed 13 layers of paint based UV-ink.


On the 4th April 2016, The Next Rembrandt was unveiled at an exhibited in Amsterdam, the place where Rembrandt lived and worked. 


The exhibition was designed to emphasize the marriage of classical art and technology worlds.
My role as photogtrapher was to deliver and convey this message as best as possible to create a form of communication that was impactful and emotional. 
The painting and the codes that made it possible were exhibited side by side.
Supporting materials that explain the creation of The Next Rembrandt gave the visitors the chance to learn more about the process.



Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
ECD: Bas Korsten
Art Director: Güney Soykan, Robert Nelk
Copywriter: Kasia Haupt Canning, Mark Peeters


2nd Most-Awarded Digital Campaign: Gunn Report 2016
6th Most-Awarded Campaign Across All Media: Gunn Report 2016
Most-Awarded Digital Campaign of 2016: The Directory Big Won Ranking
8th Most-Awarded Campaign of 2016 Across All Categories: The Directory Big Won Ranking

Cannes Lions - Cyber: Grand Prix, Silver Lion, 4 Shortlists
Cannes Lions - Creative Data: Grand Prix, 2 Silver Lions, Bronze Lion, Shortlist
Cannes Lions - Innovation: Innovation Lion
Cannes Lions - Outdoor: 2 Gold Lions
Cannes Lions - Digital Craft: Gold Lion, 2 Bronze Lions, Shortlist
Cannes Lions - Direct: Silver Lions, 2 Shortlists
Cannes Lions - Promo & Activation: Silver Lion
Cannes Lions - Design: Silver Lion
Cannes Lions - Entertainment: Bronze Lion, Shortlist
D&AD - Digital Marketing: Yellow Pencil, Wood Pencil
D&AD - Digital Design: Graphite Pencil
D&AD - Direct: Graphite Pencil
D&AD - Graphic Design: Wood Pencil
One Show - Cross Platform: Gold, Silver
One Show - Print&Outdoor: Gold, Silver
One Show - Interactive: Silver, Bronze
One Show - Direct: Bronze, Merit
One Show - Design: Merit
One Show - Branded Entertainment: Merit
Eurobest - Digital Craft: Grand Prix, Gold
Eurobest - Outdoor: Gold, Silver
Eurobest - Creative Data: Gold, Shortlist
Eurobest - Innovation: Gold
Eurobest - Media: Gold
Eurobest - Promo & Activation: Silver
Eurobest - Film: Shortlist
LIA - Digital: Grand LIA, 3 Golds
LIA - Design: Gold
LIA - The New: Gold, Silver
LIA - Non-Traditional: Bronze
Epica - Digital: Grand Prix, Gold
Epica - Creative Technology: Gold
Epica - Online Campaigns: Gold
Epica - Websites: Silver
Epica - Online & Viral Films: Bronze
Clio - Event/Experiential: Gold
Clio - Out of Home: Bronze
Clio - Events: Bronze
Clio - Film: Shortlist
Clio - Brand Development: Shortlist
Andy Award - Reset/Innovation: Gold
Andy Award - Branded Content: Bronze
FWA: Site of the Day
Awwwards: Site of the Day
WPPED Cream - Digital: Crème de la Crème (Grand Prix)
WPPED Cream - Data Investment Management: Crème de la Crème (Grand Prix)
WPPED Cream - Outdoor: Winner
Luerzer's Archive: Issue 3/2016
ADCN: Grand Prix
ADCN - Digital & Social: Gold
ADCN - Next: Gold
ADCN - Promo, Activation & Direct: Silver
ADCN - Design: Product - Bronze
ADCN - Design: Digital - Bronze
ADCN - Film: Nomination
ADCN - PR: Nomination
ADCN - Media: Nomination
ADCN - Branded Content & Entertainment: Nomination
ADCN - Integrated: Nomination
World Summit Award: Culture & Tourism - Winner




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